Hey! You found me.

I’m Chris Wetherill, a Midwestern kid working on fun data-related things at State Auto Insurance Companies. Here, I lead our data science team and am responsible for developing partnerships and strategic collaborations with other analytic groups across the company.

Previously, I was at SafeAuto Insurance where I was the founding and lead member of their Data & Decision Science team. There, I led pilot programs to evaluate new and emerging technologies and partnered with business stakeholders to develop and implement new predictive models. Following this, I transitioned to a technical lead role on our Product R&D team where I investigated ways to improve customer segmentation in our rating algorithm and led the development of new underwriting models.

Prior to this, I was working my way through a PhD program in computational biology at Virginia Tech. We did some work at the intersection of genomics and epidemiolgy, trying to better predict how diseases move through populations.

Every now and then, I’ll even feel super motivated and make some contributions on Phabricator. Right now I’m working on Cast, a cluster management utility that’s arguably slightly better than running SSH in a for loop.

Want to chat about data? Feel free to get in touch!


Some of the stuff I’ve worked on: